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Welcome to the eleventh and penultimate of my 12 sessions in my Core & Posture Morning Boosters. Simple quick and easy posture enhancing mobility and stretch sessions with a special focus on our core.

These sessions are roughly 15 minutes and I teach them live to help us start the day a little brighter – join me live, pop in a little earlier with a cup of your favourite morning something to say hello or catch up at your convenience.

There are 12 sessions in this series and love you to join me for all 12 – created by me to help posture, boost energy and combat slumping and thickening around the waist.

Suitable for anyone – think of these as little sessions to brighten mind and body – good any time of the day if you can’t join me live!
These 12 sessions totally compliment your WalkActive and are especially good if following my
Get Started with WalkActive Programme

What you need:
Each session will vary but always good to have on hand:
A mat (essential)
A towel or cushion for support
A chair

More about Joanna’s Core & Posture Morning Boosters.
Let me help you start your day brighter with my Core & Posture Morning Boosters. Starting Monday February 1st I’ll be teaching 12 live stream sessions to improve posture, mobility and with a special focus on our core and abdominal area.
Love you to join me MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAYS 8 AM GMT, or catch up at your convenience. Subscribe to my channel to be kept informed and so you don”t miss a session
Sessions are:

Monday Feb 1st
Wednesday Feb 3rd
Friday Feb 5th

Monday Feb 8th
Wednesday Feb 10th
Friday Feb 12th

Monday Feb 15th
Wednesday Feb 17th
Friday Feb 19th

Monday Feb 22nd
Wednesday Feb 24th
Friday Feb 26th

Thank you Lovely People and look forward to you joining me! x

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