Core & Posture Morning Booster #10


Let me help you start your day brighter with my Core & Posture Morning Boosters. Right through February, I'll be teaching 12 live stream sessions to improve posture, mobility and with a special focus on our core and abdominal area. Love you to join me live or catch up at your convenience on demand. These 12 sessions totally compliment your WalkActive and are especially good if following my Get Started with WalkActive Programme.


Get Started with WalkActive Live Coaching Session with Joanna

Online & On Demand

Exclusive Live Coaching sessions with Joanna for participants on Get Started with WalkActive. Join Joanna Live every fortnight to help you improve your walking with the WalkActive System. These sessions will address your questions and help you progress your WalkActive learning, progress and motivation. Join live, all Live Coaching Sessions are available afterwards for on demand access as part of your on going Get Started with WalkActive resources.

Exclusive to Get Started with WalkActive Participants
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