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    Global Greetings you Beautiful People!
    Please leave your feedback below on how you are getting on with your WalkActive Arms from your lesson on ADD WALKACTIVE ARMS.
    Love to hear your comments on this task and how you are feeling below please.
    Enjoy! Joanna x

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    I still find adding the arms the hardest, the issues I have are that one arm does it better than the other, but also when I do OWP it is great everything works but at posture pace I realise I don’t move my arms even though I keep everything else going, I can keep the feet and hips going without thinking but the arms I have to think about so much more

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    I am now trying to seriously introduce the arms now after just letting them swing generally. What I am finding is that my shoulders seem to want to raise up so I am then going back to the head and shoulders before trying to bring in the arms again. Any tips for this and is anyone else finding the same problem?
    Many thanks and looking forward to seeing you later

    Joanna HallJoanna Hall
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    Hi Julia, just posted the Live Coaching from Monday, so i hope this may answer your queries – I’ll also address this in the next Live Q&A session.

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