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Learn & Get Fit Bundle: Get Started With Walkactive + Stroll To Stride 5 Km

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Learn + get fit fast with WalkActive with this 2 bundle programme. Learn the WalkActive technique to improve your walking and posture with Joanna Coached Get Started with WalkActive, ready to optimise your fitness with Stroll to Stride 5 km.

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LEARN THE WALKACTIVE TECHNIQUE & GET FIT with this 2 programme WalkActive Pack.

Here’s what’s included:

Social proof: reviews

Tom Morton

“THOROUGHLY RECOMMEND THIS! I had been on a Walkactive course about five years ago. Loved it, but since then life/work etc has got in the way a bit.... so it's been really good to remind myself what I should be doing. Since 2015 Joanna has added ...”

Lesley Graham

“WONDERFUL. I found my GSWA programme was a wonderful experience and saw changes immediately. I plan to continue with my journey, and look forward to continued improvement in my walking style and speed in the months ahead. ”

Derek Marsh

“CAN'T STOP RAVING ABOUT THE BENEFITS. I came in to this course as a regular walker of distances between 5 and 25km, so I was naturally slightly sceptical as to the benefits it could offer me, but wow how wrong could I have been!
After day 1 of t...”

Clare Robinson

“IT HAS TO BE 5 STARS! A step by step guide to creating better walking technique. Its comprehensive, sympathetic and friendly. It seems quite daft thinking about learning to walk properly, but exploring the concept explains why after periods of w...”

Christine McDonald

“BRILLIANT. Joanna, you have done such a professional job of this site.It is so easy to follow and so much content.I really appreciate it”

Anna Price

“MOTIVATING & HELPFUL. I can now walk further, faster and longer without pain: hooray!”

Anne-Marie M

“HIGH QUALITY RESOURCES. Well,structured course. Good use of media to cover topics. High quality resources”

Tracy Bunn

“A GREAT WAY TO LEARN. I really enjoyed this course and found the daily build up of techniques and practice a great way to learn. Very clear explanations and Joanna’s enthusiasm and experience really comes through. Feeling the changes and benefits ...”

Jackie Walster

“EXCELLENT. An excellent programme”

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Joanna Hall and WalkActive
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Look, feel & perform better all through walking.

What our participants have to say:

“I feel like a new person! Walking more smoothly, more relaxed, with greatly improved posture and balance. A short, daily walk to keep practising all the newly-learned techniques is firmly on my To Do list. The benefits are not just confined to walking either. I feel better than I’ve done for months. Thank you so much ”

Valerie D

“I can’t believe the difference. I went back to my original walking style and it felt really strange, sitting in my hips which immediately made my shoulders hunch, my head forward and my eyes looking down. ????. As soon as I starting peeling through my foot and lifting my hips my whole posture changed and I grew inches. I even found myself sitting up at the table!”

Christine G

“My son joined me for one of my walks on Day 5 of Get Started with WalkActive Programme and he asked me if i was wearing something like a corset today as my body posture was visibly taller ???? …. he was totally unaware of my Walkactive exercises.”

Lynn T

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