Let Me Teach You: WalkActive Feet – an Introductory Audio Mini Coaching Session.

Let Joanna be your personal WalkActive Trainer in your ear as she introduces to your WalkActive Feet – the first part of the scientifically verified WalkActive Technique.

In this mini audio ( 11 minutes 43 secs), listen to Joanna as she “walks” with you and guides you to learn the WalkAcitve feet, with clear educational teaching instructions and descriptions, helping you to achive an Active Foot & an Open Ankle.

  • Perfect if starting out on your WalkActive journey and learning the technique.
  • A great edcuational resource is following Joanna’s Get Started with WalkActive Online Programme.
  • Regular WalkActivists can use this to embed good habits as part of your warm up for your WalkActive sessions.

“I’ve created these mini audio coaching sessions as if I’m walking right beside you guiding you through your first WalkActive lessons. I do hope you’ll find them useful” 

The Let Me Teach You WalkActive Feet Mini Audio Coaching Session is the first of 5 mini audio coaching sessions in the Let Me Teach You Audio Coaching Series. Each Mini Audio coaching session is under 10 minutes, and addresses each part of the Basic WalkActive Technique: Feet, Hips, Head & Shoulders and Arms + the Open Ankle Drill.  In each mini audio coaching session Joanna personally guides you through the key points for each part of the technique so you can improve and consolidate each part, building your confidence  before progressing onto the next body part.