WalkActive From Home Audio Coaching Series – The 10 minute Out Back Session.


A 20 minute special waistline and tummy focused session.

Time short? Need an energy boost and quick posture fix and attention to your midriff and WalkActive hip lift? This is the audio coaching session for you!

Let me be your personal WalkActive Trainer in your ear. In this technique and posture focused WalkActive training session, I give a special focus to your waistline and hip lifts, with specific drills to help you flatten your tummy area, improve your WalkActive hip lifts and stimulate abdominal muscles to improve core, enhance posture, energy plus improve your WalkActive Technique in just 20 effective minutes.
I’m your WalkActive Trainer and you can do this straight from your desk, or front door all you need is a pair of comfy trainers.

I have created The WalkActive From Home Audio Coaching Series especially for those who may be time short, working from home and spending a lot of time at your desk and devices. I’ll be teaching and guiding you as we walk, taking you through my WalkActive technique with particular attention to your posture and alignment so you come back refreshed, energised and lengthened. Each session is designed as an out back session, you can do straight from your desk, you can choose from:

The 5 minute Out Back Session, total 10 minutes WalkActive
The 7.5 minute Out Back Session, total 15 minutes WalkActive
The 10 minute Out Back Session, total 20 minutes WalkActive

These audio coaching sessions are a natural progresssion from the Let Me Teach You Audio Coaching Series and my  Get Started with WalkActive 7 Day Programme 

From Debbie Plowright

“This is a great Walkactive at home audio to buy.  It only takes 20 mins, 10 mins out and 10 mins back with Joanna as your guide throughout.  I have bought most of this series but this has so much extra in it.  It also concentrates on the Ab J and the core work and the all important hip lift focus.  So many great analogies to help and remind you, the laser beam, gossamer bowl, scanning, not forgetting all the other Walkactive elements which Joanna talks through in this audio.  The hip lift is the key and for me the one thing that gives if I am not concentrating.  The reminder that less is more too. Good little work out with masses of info and personal guide throughout – buy!”