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If the gym and running aren’t your scene, and joint pain is a constant companion, WalkActive opens a door to wellness through the simple act of walking better, not further.

Our scientifically proven system enhances cardiovascular fitness, focuses on the fundamentals of walking better, and makes each step purposeful toward your health and fitness goals. Boost your posture, refine your technique, and enhance your fitness with WalkActive – all at your fingertips, available on both Google Play and the App Store.

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What to expect with the WalkActive App

WalkActive, more than just a series of workouts, is a complete physical activity and fitness education system.

Scientifically proven by Prof Darren James and his team at South Bank Sports Performance Laboratory, WalkActive significantly improves posture, reduces joint impact, and increases walking speed by up to 24%.

For our WalkActive community, this translates to the opportunity to Look, Feel, and Perform Better, all through the simple act of walking.

Improve your walking technique


Unlock the secrets to transform your walking with our fundamental WalkActive building blocks.

From your first steps in our ‘Get Started with WalkActive’ 12-day program, to a confident, healthier you, WalkActive elevates your technique, posture, pace, and tone.

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Walk yourself fit


Experience progress for fitness, body shape, and mental well-being by embracing WalkActive techniques. If running isn’t your style, walk your way to fitness without the joint-jarring impact.

Kickstart your journey with ‘Stroll to Stride 5k’ in the WalkActive App.

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Get fit by walking.


Connect, engage, and relish your journey. Track progress, indulge in Live Coaching, and join our supportive community.

Dive into weekly WalkActive Live Stream Classes, follow inspiring music-based audio coaching workouts, and get expert feedback on your efforts.

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Why WalkActive?

In the world of exercise, walking stands out as the most down to earth activity, offering incredible benefits for both body and mind, influencing everything from your physical health and fitness to your mental wellbeing.


Yet, here’s the catch: We often overlook HOW we walk.

That’s where WalkActive takes the lead. We’re your guides, ensuring every step you take counts – refining your technique, boosting your posture, and enhancing your fitness in a sustainable, effective, and enjoyable manner.

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Who is Joanna Hall?

“Joanna’s approach is potentially life-changing and brings dramatic sustainable results.”
The Telegraph

With over twenty-five years’ experience in the global fitness industry, Joanna Hall is an internationally acclaimed walking, fitness and wellbeing expert. As creator & founder of WalkActive – The Effective Walking System, she is an experienced media presenter and published author of 14 books translated into 5 languages.

With Honours & Masters degrees in Sports Science from Loughborough University, a Sports Medicine Intern from Virginia Mason Sports Medicine Clinic Seattle and International Presenter, Joanna brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the design, delivery and engagement of audiences all over the world.

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