WalkActive Certification Academy

Become a Certified WalkActive Trainer

Teach the scientifically verified WalkActive System for health + fitness + mental wellbeing benefits

Extend your professional services with WalkActive Certification

The WalkActive Certification Academy provides two exclusive Mentorship programmes where successful applicants are trained through a blended learning environment to bring WalkActive to their community.

✅ proven physiological health + fitness improvements
✅ enjoyment for body + mind through walking with the scientifically verified WalkActive System.
✅ teach the System as recommended by GP’s

WalkActive is a whole physical activity + fitness education workout system scientifically proven by Prof Darren James and his team at South Bank Sports Performance Laboratory to significantly.

✅ Improve posture
✅ Reduce joint impact
✅ Walk faster by up to 24%

For the participant this means learning WalkActive will help them:

😀 Look    😀 Feel     😀 Perform Better

All through walking!  WalkActive is uniquely placed as participants can TRANSFORM their health, fitness, mental wellbeing and body shape through the programme but also uniquely TRANSFER the benefits across all aspects of their life to enjoy sustainable results.

Certified WalkActive Trainer

This programme is for qualified fitness and health coach professionals who’d like to

➡️ Deliver revenue generating WalkActive programmes for physiological health + fitness + mental wellbeing improvements.

➡️ Expand professional services with scientifically verified tried and tested programmes supported through the WalkActive App.

➡️ Strengthen + broaden skills to an expanding + rewarding market through a variety of deliverable online and in personal services.

Application requirements for this certification:

  •  Hold an appropriate fitness/ exercise/ physical activity qualification.
  •  Submit a video of their movement quality prior to acceptance on the programme.
WalkActive Lifestyle Leader

This programme expands professional + personal knowledge for lifestyle exercise + self care skills for health + posture. Participants will :

➡️ Improve their personal + colleagues/ clients health + posture through walking for lifestyle change.

➡️ Be competent to lead walks in their community in a volunteer capacity.

➡️ Be able to directly support Health Walk programmes + charity walking initiatives + build social support through walking in local community.

Application requirements for this certification:

  • Be a health enthusiast or qualified Health Coach
  • Submit a video of their movement quality prior to acceptance on the programme.
Why Join the WalkActive Certification Academy:

Rewarding to deliver for health + fitness + rehab

Totally inclusive wellbeing programme: Anyone and everyone can walk better with WalkActive’s proven system

As recommended by GP’s 


Compliments other fitness/ health programmes with essential cardio component for yoga + pilates services 

Creates effective  programme packaging + outdoor nature component

Extend your professional services.


Less physically demanding on body than other fitness programmes.

Strong educational component + enabling focus for happy participants.

Evidence based for proven health, fitness + mental wellbeing benefits.

WalkActive Certified Trainer Academy Dates, UK
February 2024  

Book before 31st December 2023 and receive £100 discount off the course price

Onboarding Call: Thurs, 8th Feb, 1pm – 1.30pm

Live Coaching via Zoom (Tues, 3pm – 4.15pm):  20th Feb, 5th Mar, 12th Mar, 26th Mar

3 Day Training Workshop  (Finsbury Park, London, 9am – 5pm)  Tue, 19th Mar, Wed, 20th Mar, Thur, 21st Mar

Assessment Day (Finsbury Park, London)  Tues, 16th Apr, 10am – 1pm

October 2024

Onboarding Call: Thurs, 3rd Oct  2024, 1pm – 1.30pm

Live Coaching Zoom (Tues, 3pm – 4.15pm):  22nd Oct, 5th Nov, 12th Nov, 26th Nov

3 Day Training Workshop  (Finsbury Park, London, 9am – 5pm)  Wed, 20th Nov, Thurs, 21st Nov, Fri, 22nd Nov

Assessment Day (Finsbury Park, London)  Tues, 3rd Dec, 10am – 1pm

WalkActive Certified Trainer Academy Dates, USA
February 2024

Book before 31st December 2023 and receive $100 discount off the course price

Onboarding Call:  Thurs, 25th Jan, 11am- 11.30am

Live Coaching (Tuesdays, 11am – 12.15pm)  30th Jan, 13th Feb, 20th Feb, 5th Mar

4 Day In-person Training Workshop  (Scottsdale, AZ, 9am – 5pm)  Wed, 28th Feb, Thur, 29th Feb, Fri, 1st Mar, Sat, 2nd Mar

*All times shown above are for Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Certification in 3 Easy Steps to Apply
On receiving your registration form we’ll send you more course info
+ opportunity to book a call to discuss how WalkActive can work for you.
Send your short video of you walking  – Don’t worry we’ll make this super easy for you.
Select your certification and start date.
Join an onboarding call so you can start your certification training
Meet your mentor + learn at a pace that works for you + caters for your clients.
WalkActive Trainer Testimonials: 
Very Rewarding – financially and personally
“Having witnessed in myself the improvements in my own body and fitness with WalkActive after having my children, I was totally inspired to teach WalkActive to others. So I took the plunge and gained my fitness qualifications in order to become a Certified WalkActive Trainer.
This has become a very rewarding decision – financially it has been  great at topping up and fitting in with my other work commitments- and personally it is so gratifying how quickly clients see improvements and progress their health + fitness through the technique. It is so confidence boosting for clients as WalkActive can fit so easily into their every day lives.
I’m continually excited about the WalkActive teaching journey + support offered to help my clients and grow my business, especially with opening more wellbeing opportunities to the wider community.
Becoming a Certified WalkActive Trainer has given me a lot of personal joy and a significant financial benefit with the options of how I can teach the programme. “
Karen Scott Walsh: WalkActive Certified Trainer
Grown my business with fantastic results for my clients
As a Pilates teacher – WalkActive so compliments my existing classes. Adding WalkActive as 1 on 1 and group classes has helped me grow my business – both extending a vital cardio component to my existing clients as well as directly attracting new clients from a variety of age groups and fitness backgrounds.
I continually see how the WalkActive System helps everyone, and I teach WalkActive to a variety of age groups and abilities.  The educational aspect of the programme offers tremendous scope, taking me out of the traditional studio. My clients results have been fantastic.
I am passionate about WalkActive, teaching, doing, seeing results. I love teaching WalkActive, the results are instant and I enjoy the feedback from clients who achieve results and continue to benefit. Recently I have been working with an over 60’s group, which although challenging for some, they all really noticed the difference quickly and began to benefit straight away. They tell me they have been sleeping better, moving well, less aches and pains, improved balance, breathing easier. This is why I love teaching WalkActive – the results are so tangible for the clients – and I get to be outside and offer a joined up service.
Rachel Boothman: WalkActive Certified Trainer
Participant Testimonials
Fitter than ever and lost half a stone

It’s amazing the difference it makes having your personal WalkActive Coach in your ear. I am fitter than ever and have lost half a stone and maintained the weight loss for over 6 months, which is a first. My posture is better and I am walking so much better.

Chris M
More Improvements than 16 weeks of Pilates

I was already a regular walker however I have had more improvements in my posture since starting WalkActive than 16 weeks of Pilates.

Fran W

An amazing system – No need for me to go to the gym

As a retired GP, WalkActive has helped me significantly recover from knee surgery. It has given me my confidence back and dramatically improved my posture.  I can incorporate this into everyday life, there is no need for me to go to the gym. It is an amazing system and this really has been a life changing experience for me.

Dr Anne T

Until WalkActive – exercise was always a real chore

I did the Couch to 5K running thing last year but found it a real chore… Following the WalkActive App and Stroll to Stride 5K programme has been a delight. I have found that I am walking faster, my body is toning up and after each session I feel my spirits lifted.

Tess B
Can’t Stop raving about the benefits!

I came in to Get Started with WalkActive on the WalkActive App as a regular walker of distances between 5 and 25km, so I was naturally slightly sceptical as to the benefits it could offer me, but WOW how wrong could I have been!

WalkActive is amazing, I cant stop talking raving about the benefits, and its quite amazing that I now find myself analysing the way friends are walking and wanting to offer advice to improve their experience too.

Derek M
Highly Recommended – no more back ache

I completed the Get Started with Walk Active Programme in the App and can highly recommend it to improve your posture and fitness. I now sit at my desk upright and don’t feel that dull ache in my back when my stomach muscles get tired, and think nothing of walking 5k from work to home on a nice day. The audio downloads are a helpful reminder to improve technique and when I have Joanna in my ear, my pace is quicker, I maintain my posture, and my Fitbit registers as Cardio workout.

Ellie N
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