A new poll from UK ACTIVE has revealed that 42% of adults across the UK admit to sitting for at least 14 hours longer a week during the national lockdown.

I know I certainly am – and the irony is I’m a fitness wellness and walking expert and know the benefits of movements! This is my profession and passion!

However LIFE happens and Lockdown has changed our movement patterns. For me, the re positioning of WalkActive to offer it digitally whilst being a cocktail of being very exciting, stressful, incredibly rewarding,  technically challenging plus a good dose of sleep less nights ! whilst getting my head around everything –  has meant I spend more consecutive hours now at my desk! So how about you?

Lockdown has changed our movement patterns – So if this statistic resonates with you here are things I suggest:
1. Don’t feel bad – acknowledge – don’t chastise!
2.Build awareness and log your consecutive hours in one position for the next three days and build a reality check.
3. Watch this video for some really easy accessible tips – that you can put into play straight away!
4. Shift your mindset from weekend walking when you can do longer – to daily walking – short and often can be more time manageable plus – research shown greater impact on our physiological health!
Need some extra motivation?
Check out my WalkActive From Home Audio coaching series – these 10, 15 and 20 minute WalkActive sessions are designed to be a quick “WalkActive feel good snack” to help you fit a little more WalkActive into your day.
Take care Lovely People,
Joanna x