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Below are a selection of our most frequently asked questions about our WalkActive programmes and how to get started

walkactive frequently asked questions

Each day on the 7-day programme – I’ll set a walking task with a specific focus. I’ll ask you to practice this in 3 bouts of 10 minutes. These bite-size focused sessions are more manageable plus best way to fast track your learning.

Each Joanna Coached GSWA 7 day programme has an official start date. When you book your place on this programme, you’ll be part of a group of participants going through the learning process of WalkActive together, providing feedback on your experiences. You’ll receive 4 personal coaching feedback videos from Joanna based on your and the group’s progress. You’ll learn a lot on this course plus you’ll also learn a lot from fellow participants and their experiences, significantly enhancing your learning and enjoyment. If you want to start learning WalkActive straight away – check out the Self Guided Get Started with WalkActive 7 Day Programme.

WalkActive is for anyone and everyone. This course is about learning the basics so whether you are a complete non-exerciser looking for motivation and a supportive programme to get you started or a seasoned distance walker or fit power walker, this programme is designed to be effective, educational and enjoyable, so you get results.

No problem, the daily tasks are scheduled each day and stay available on your personal dashboard for 12 months, so you can catch up or go back and refresh your learning at your convenience.

Not at all, all the materials you need are on your personal programme dashboard. If you can log into a web site, and type your feedback, you have all the technology skills you need!

Yes, I’ve prepared some quick and easy pre-programme materials to help you get organised, understand fully about the GSWA programme plus get you a little excited about commencing your WalkActive journey.

You have access to the programme for 12 months from the official GSWA start date.



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