Did you know, every month I release a new walk-to-the-beat coaching session? These can be found in the Audio Coaching Library in the WalkActive App. Each workout has a new focus, new audio and encouraging voice-over coaching by me (Joanna Hall, The WalkActive Coach)! Each session is designed to help you walk fitter, healthier, happier and trimmer.

Brisk Pace Builder

A great example of our walk-to-the-beat audio coaching workouts was January’s Brisk Pace Builder; a session structured to help you increase your pace with a gradual build-up. Walking at a brisker pace is one of the most successful ways to improve cardiovascular fitness.

Knowing what your brisk walking pace is and sustaining it can be difficult. So this session is designed to help you recognise the change in cadence (the number of steps you take per minute ) throughout the workout. It’s perfect if you are just starting with WalkActive or easing back into it after some time away.

What to expect from this session

This scientifically-backed 22-minute session will:

  • Get you walking at an effective brisk walking pace
  • Assist you to walk faster without jarring your joints
  • Improve your stride quality
  • Compact the negative health effects of excessive sitting

Starting at 100 bpm (studies have shown this to be the minimum cadence you need to walk at to start incurring physiological health benefits.) This workout will take you through 10 tracks (2 minutes each), building up steadily to 123 bpm. An effective brisk walking pace! Starting slowly can be a great way to check your technique as well as help you feel more calm and focused for the session ahead.

Focusing on your feet, hips, arms, head, neck and posture, you’ll progress seamlessly under my guidance and encouragement, increasing your pace as the music quickens.

The Fundamentals of the WalkActive Technique

Don’t forget that you can always refer back to the Get Started with WalkActive programme in the app to learn or refine the fundamentals of the technique.

Or if you’re just looking for a quick refresher, I share my 3 common mistakes many people make when trying to increase walking speed in this quick 7-minute video here. In the video, I share 3 simple steps you take do to optimise your efforts.

You can also join our live Webinars for FREE if you are an app member. These sessions are taught live and are a great opportunity to perfect your technique and ask me any questions you might have. The Webinar Calendar can be found here.

Feel the WalkActive benefits

The WalkActive technique naturally empowers you to walk faster and further. You’ll feel energised and uplifted and experience how good your posture can be by walking effectively with the WalkActive technique.

Last year I put Tim Dowling from The Guardian through his paces. The article he wrote following my training with him is a great example of how by learning to walk better, he changed his pace, posture and perspective.

Here’s a sneak peek of how WalkActive is so transformative by making every step you take effective…

Discover the audio coaching resources on the App

There’s a whole library of music-based audio coaching sessions within the WalkActive App to suit your mood and goals.

Ready to give it a try? Download the WalkActive app today and receive a 7-day free trial!

Please share how you got on with this coaching session in the app community. We love to hear how you found the sessions, how you’re meeting your goals and how WalkActive is transforming your walking, wellbeing and fitness – all for the better!