Morning Mobility 5 Day Challenge

Monthly 5 day challenges to start your day brighter

Improve your posture + mobility so you walk better.

Workout at home with WalkActive | Joanna Hall is your WalkActive Coach 

When:  Join Joanna’s next Live 5 Day Morning Mobility Challenge January 9 – 13th inc 7.30 am – 8 am GMT:

This month its all about CORE + POSTURE to help you walk better.

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✅ Start your day brighter for mind + body

✅ Improve posture + mobility 

                    ✅ Monthly themes to help you walk better

                    ✅ Quick & easy – just 25 minutes

✅ Boost your mood

                    ✅ Just bring you + a mat

✅ Totally compliment your outdoor WalkActive practice

Join my Monthly Themed Challenges to help you walk better for posture + mobility

The 5 Day Challenge is a super, quick and easy 5 x 25 minute Morning Mobility Challenge to help you walk better. Each month I’ll teach a brand new 5 day Challenge with a specific focus to help you walk better. This month’s challenge is all about CORE + POSTURE to help you walk better.

These sessions will boost your body, mind + posture. I’m your WalkActive Coach in the comfort of your own home with simple + effective posture enhancing + mobility boosting and mood lifting exercises that will set you up for the day and compliment your WalkActive.

This programme will help you feel more agile + positively connected with your body to improve your WalkActive.As a Sport Scientist I’ve specifically created each monthly programme so you feel the benefits of these simple yet effective exercises whilst we are completing them together plus you’ll enjoy the benefits in your posture and ease of movement right through the day.

Let an expert take care of your posture + mobility. I’m on hand with my expertise to guide, motivate and give momentum to your WalkActive efforts at the start of each new month.

This challenge is delivered live via zoom, and all part of the inclusive all access WalkActive App monthly subscription for just £19.99. All sessions will be recorded and available to catch up via the WalkActive App.

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“The impact you’ve had on me is enormous, from the longer dedicated sessions right down to the seven minute wake-up, you are genuinely helping me to transform my health, mentally and physically”

Sara Shelton

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Frequently Asked Questions:

There are 5 daily Live Morning Mobility sessions, each session is 25 – 30 minutes. I’ll go live a little before the start time so you have time to get settled and share a morning coffee with me if you like.

No, to learn WalkActive you are best directed to my Fundamentals Programme Get Started with WalkActive (GSWA), which is all included in your app with your monthly subscription. However this Morning Mobility Challenge will greatly assist the implementation of some of the WalkActive fundamental drills, exercises and techniques that are taught in the GSWA programme. So if you are new WalkActive this can be a good introduction to my WalkActive System, my teaching philosophy and commitment to delivering results all through walking.

No, you don’t need to have completed any previous WalkActive courses. You can check out the free mini programme on the WalkActive App, or join the Get Started with WalkActive.

Of course if you have any questions you can e mail me at [email protected]

The Morning Mobility 5 Day Challenge is for anyone and everyone. I’m passionate about moving our bodies in the morning to say hello to them physically and start our day brighter for mind and body. Each monthly challenge has a specific focus and theme to help you walk better with WalkActive. Each session will involve positions standing and on the floor, so you will need to feel comfortable to get up and down from the floor. This series will improve your posture, balance, mobility and positivity. All part of the WalkActive philosophy to help you look + feel + perform better all through walking.

No problem, all the sessions will be recorded and uploaded onto the WalkActive App so you can catch up at your convenience and as many times as you wish. You can access anytime, anywhere online and on your smartphone on the WalkActive App.

You’ll need a mat to lie on – I’ll be using a yoga mat, a chair will be helpful for some of the exercises to aid with balance and support. Plus a towel may be helpful to provide some extra cushioning if you need for the floor part. I’ll reach out and let you know any specific equipment each monthly challenge may need.

I’d actually prefer you to complete this barefoot. However I appreciate not everyone likes to do this so if you do want to wear trainers please choose something that is flexible light and allows you to move your foot. With respect to clothing – anything that is comfy and allows you to move freely. I’m very happy if you join me in your PJ’s or whatever feels good for you, as long as you cam move freely and you are comfortable.

The Monthly Challenges are all part of the WalkActive App all access monthly subscription. As long as you have the WalkActive App you will have access to the programme. The WalkActive App is the home for my WalkActive System – so you’ll LEARN + TRAIN + THRIVE through all my programmes.

These workouts are taught live via a zoom link. You’ll find all your session links and what to expect under Monthly Challenge in the WalkActive App.We’ll also send you a reminder zoom access link by e mail. All sessions are recorded and will be uploaded for you to catch up and follow at anytime of the day with unlimited access on the WalkActive App.

Yes. All the links for your workouts will be on the app. Once enrolled we’ll also e mail you with your respective workout session links so you have them to hand. Remember the WalkActive App is available across all devices, PC, laptop, tablet as well as smartphone. Plus you can also link your app to your TV screen so you have easy viewing.  You can access the WalkActive App online at

and log in with your same password and username as on your smartphone.

The WalkActive App is available as an all access monthly subscription for £19.99. This includes all access to the WalkActive programmes, weekly Live Coaching, ongoing Audio Coaching WalkActive Workout library + brand new programmes

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