We all know the feeling: you set a health and fitness goal, brimming with motivation. But somewhere along the way, life gets busy, doubts creep in, and that initial spark can fizzle out. While the promise of a healthier, more active lifestyle is motivating, the path to achieving those goals often requires perseverance, commitment, and support.

This is where the power of a supportive community becomes essential. Here at WalkActive, we believe the key to lasting success lies not just in the program itself, but in the supportive community that surrounds you.


Expert Guidance

One of the key motivators of WalkActive is the expertise and encouragement provided by Joanna Hall, the WalkActive Coach. Joanna’s extensive knowledge and experience in walking, fitness and wellbeing are the foundation of The WalkActive Method. Her approach is scientifically proven to improve your walking technique, ensuring you maximise the benefits of each step you take. Joanna’s guidance is not just about technique; she offers motivation, personalised tips, and insights that help you stay on track. Knowing that you have an expert coach on hand to follow your progress and cheer you on can really boost your confidence and determination.

Community Power

Beyond individual coaching, the WalkActive community itself is a valuable source of support. Whether you’re connecting online through the app and our social media or in Joanna’s webinars and in person sessions, meeting other people who are on the same journey as you is incredibly motivating and reminds you that you are not alone in your efforts. Let’s use this community to celebrate each other’s successes, provide encouragement during challenges, and share experiences.

Joanna Hall

Find Your Personal Cheerleaders

Don’t underestimate the power of those close to you! Let your friends and family know about your goals. Ask them for their support and to hold you accountable, even when it’s hard to find the motivation. Or why not ask someone to join you on your journey? Everything’s better shared! Create amazing memories together and celebrate each other’s achievements.


Why Community Matters

So, why is community support so helpful in achieving your health and fitness goals? Here are a few reasons why community is key:

  1. Motivation magic: Surrounding yourself with positive people who are achievers and want you to achieve too can inspire you to keep going, even when the going gets tough.
  2. Accountability: Regular check-ins with your community or coach help keep you accountable. Knowing that others are invested in your progress can encourage you to stay committed.
  3. Knowledge is power: Engaging with a community opens you up to a whole world of collective knowledge. Get helpful tips and advice from beginners to expert coaches as everyone shares their experiences.
  4. Emotional Support: The journey to better health and fitness can be emotionally challenging. Have your loved ones on hand to offer empathy, understanding, and encouragement when you need it.
  5. Celebrating Success, Big and Small: Achievements, no matter how small, are worth celebrating! Being in a community that celebrates your milestones will push you to keep going.


A Support System for Every Step

At WalkActive, we understand that achieving your health and fitness goals is a journey, not a destination. With Joanna’s guidance, our comprehensive resources, the WalkActive community, and the support of loved ones, you have a powerful team cheering you on every step of the way. Embrace the power of community, and take confident strides towards a healthier, more active you with WalkActive.

Join us today and discover the difference that a supportive community can make. Your journey to better health starts with a single step, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Try The WalkActive Method for FREE!