Stroll to Stride 5 km

Walk yourself fit. Beginner to fit in 6 weeks.

Joanna Hall is your WalkActive Coach 

A 6-week audio coaching programme to walk 5 k with great pace + posture + technique.

Improve your fitness + stamina + pace with the WalkActive App.

Stroll To Stride
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Beginner to Fit in 6 weeks:

✅ increase walking pace +

✅ enjoy better posture +

✅ improve walking technique  +

✅ optimise your walking for health & fitness

Joanna Hall is your WalkActive Coach to catapult your results + motivation.

👣 Track your sessions

👣 Complete at your pace

👣 Receive feedback from Joanna

👣 Supportive private learning community for ongoing confidence & results

Stroll to Stride 5 k helps anyone get fitter + healthier + trimmer all through walking; using the scientifically verified WalkActive System, without jarring your joints or spending hours exercising every single day.

A progressive 6 week audio coaching training programme to improve your walking speed & cardiovascular fitness over 5 km. With audio coaching sessions, weekly tasks and daily goals.

S2S5k will help you walk 5 km in under 50 minutes with good technique + pace + posture.

S2S5K is just one of the many WalkActive programmes, live coaching + support resources to help you walk fitter + healthier + trimmer + happier in the WalkActive App for monthly subscription of just £19.99 per month.

Start Stroll to Stride 5k in the WalkActive App today

Here’s what you get:

  • Two audio coaching coaching walking workouts to improve your WalkActive technique & pace

  • Six WalkActive music based pace coaching walking workouts to improve your fitness + stamina

  • Guided progressive weekly training plan that you can follow at your pace.

  • Joanna coached music based WalkActive pace audio coaching workout to maintain pace + technique.

  • Comprehensive “How To” videos to motivate + support your efforts.

  • Weekly support & tips to consolidate your efforts.

  • Access to private learning community for motivation & progress.

  • BONUS:Introductory beginners audio coaching session to boost your confidence.

  • BONUS: All Access to the WalkActive App including WalkActive Fundamentals to learn the scientifically proven WalkActive Technique to help you walk better.

Walk yourself Fit today. Start Stroll to Stride 5 k today
Walk yourself fit with 
Stroll to Stride 5k 
S2S5k is just one of the many WalkActive programmes in the WalkActive App to help you walk fitter + healthier + trimmer + happier. With Live expert Coaching with Joanna,  join monthly challenges + ongoing WalkActive audio coaching workouts all for monthly subscription at £19.99 * first 7 days FREE
     Tessa Broad
“I did the Couch to 5K running thing last year but found it a real chore
following the Stroll to Stride 5K programme has been a delight.
I have found that I am walking faster, my body is toning up and
after each session I feel my spirits lifted.
5 ★★★★★ Review

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Walk yourself fit with Stroll to Stride 5k: Join in WalkActive App Now


WalkActive more effective than Power Walking

This is Andrea’s story…

A committed Power Walker – until she learnt WalkActive. With WalkActive Andrea is walking

  • faster
  • pain free
  • further

WalkActive helps you walk pain free:

WalkActivists share their stories….

Learning WalkActive has helped eased many conditions, & brought the joy back to walking incl:

  • joint pain
  • anxiety and depression
  • balance

WalkActive improved my posture phenominally

This is Fran’s story:

Already a walker for fitness, in just 2 days Fran enjoyed better posture than 16 weeks of Pilates. Improving

  • posture
  • walking technique
  • slumped waistline.

WalkActive helps recovery from knee surgery.

This is retired GP Anne Marie’s story…

WalkActive helped Anne Marie recover from knee surgery and poor alignment to feel more positive

  • improved alignment
  • successful recovery
  • reclaimed confidence + mobility

WalkActive helps you walk younger & fitter

Here’s Kevin’s Story

Working hard with long hours at his desk, meant Kevin had lost his fitness & focus. With WalkActive Kevin

  • lost weight
  • improved fitness
  • felt younger

WalkActive improves balance + physical confidence

This is Jill & David’s story:

Despite arthritis, sore joints and limited foot mobility WalkActive improved

  • posture
  • balance
  • physical confidence

Frequently Asked Questions

The WalkActive App programmes are all access monthly subscription for £ 19.99 per month. Each month in addition to your S2S5K programme receive expert Live Coaching with Joanna, join monthly challenges, progress your WalkActive with guided programmes + receive support with private learning community to help realise your WalkActive efforts!

You can download the audio coaching sessions directly onto your smart phone and listen to them off line as you walk just like a podcast.

Yes, I’ve created sessions specifically on the WalkActive Technique to help you + when you enrol you’ll also receive the free mini course to cover the basics. If you want more focus on technique join the Get Started with WalkActive programme to learn the WalkActive fundamentals in more detail.  It’s my foundation programme and the BEST place to start your WalkActive journey. You’ll find this in your WalkActive app too, all included in your monthly subscription.

I’ll ask you to complete 4 sessions each week at your convenience. You can repeat a week and progress at your level to fit with your life.

At week 1, your walking sessions start off at 24 minutes, gradually building up to 50 minutes of continual walking at week 6. You’ll also receive a 10 minute introductory audio coaching session to help you prepare.

This is a self paced course so you can progress at the pace that feels right for you. You can repeat a week if you feel you need a little more practice before moving onto the next week. And if you miss a few sessions you can pick up where you left off or ease back in with previous audio coaching sessions if this feels better for you. You can post your progress and ask questions in the community for support from fellow participants as well as have options to access additional live coaching with Joanna as well.

S2S5k is a programme to get you beginner to fit. We’d recommend that if you can walk for a continual 20 minutes – then S2S5k is the programme for you. If you are still building up your activity levels, or just keen to master the WalkActive technique and get to grips with the WalkActive basics before progressing we’d strongly encourage to start with the foundation programme Get Started with WalkActive to learn the WalkActive fundamentals first.

5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews

What previous participants have to say:

I’m ready to walk fit with Stroll to Stride 5 k