WalkActive Testimonials

WalkActive – The most effective way to walk yourself Fitter + Healthier + Trimmer + Happier

“WalkActive helps you walk younger & fitter”

Here’s Kevin’s Story

Working hard with long hours at his desk, meant Kevin had lost his fitness & focus. With WalkActive Kevin

  • lost weight
  • improved fitness
  • felt younger

“WalkActive improved my health”:

This is Joyce & Anita’s story

Learning WalkActive has helped eased many conditions, & brought the joy back to walking incl:

  • lower cholesterol
  • feel happier
  • boost physical confidence

“WalkActive improved my posture phenomenally”

This is Fran’s story:

Already a walker for fitness, in just 2 days Fran enjoyed better posture than 16 weeks of Pilates. Improving

  • posture
  • walking technique
  • slumped waistline.

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“WalkActive more effective than Power Walking”

This is Andrea’s story…

A committed Power Walker – until she learnt WalkActive. With WalkActive Andrea is walking

  • faster
  • pain free
  • further

“WalkActive helps recovery from knee surgery”.

This is retired GP Anne Marie’s story…

WalkActive helped Anne Marie recover from knee surgery and poor alignment to feel more positive

  • improved alignment
  • successful recovery
  • reclaimed confidence + mobility

“WalkActive improves balance + physical confidence”

This is Jill & David’s story:

Despite arthritis, sore joints and limited foot mobility WalkActive improved

  • posture
  • balance
  • physical confidence

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