WalkActive has teamed up with Theirworld, Your Walk to bring you exclusive access to a series of WalkActive programmes to help you achieve your fundraising target – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

WalkActive is a scientifically proven system that enhances cardiovascular fitness, focuses on the fundamentals of walking better, and makes each step purposeful toward your health and fitness goals.

WalkActive, more than just a series of workouts, is a complete physical activity and fitness education system.

Scientifically proven by Prof Darren James and his team at South Bank Sports Performance Laboratory, WalkActive significantly improves posture, reduces joint impact, and increases walking speed by up to 24%.

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Why WalkActive?

In the world of exercise, walking stands out as the most down to earth activity, offering incredible benefits for both body and mind, influencing everything from your physical health and fitness to your mental wellbeing.

Yet, here’s the catch: We often overlook HOW we walk.

That’s where WalkActive takes the lead. We’re your guides, ensuring every step you take counts – refining your technique, boosting your posture, and enhancing your fitness in a sustainable, effective, and enjoyable manner.

What’s included in the package?

As part of our support of Theirworld, Your Walk, WalkActive are offering you full access to a package of walking resources to help you walk better, faster and fitter throughout your challenge.

Included in the package are guided walking sessions specifically geared towards helping you get ready for the steps challenge. These include:

  • How to warm up and cool down effectively
  • Common walking mistakes – Why we walk wrong
  • Three motivating walking sessions set to music to help you hit 1K, 2K and 5K steps in one go
  • A free mini WalkActive Course
  • And more!

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