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How to Walk Fitter Webinar

I have just wrapped up The How to Walk Fitter Webinar and it was just a joy to present to you. There was so much engagement and great comments on the chat.

If you joined me live THANK YOU for taking the time to hop on and join in the experience and learnings.

If you missed us or got distracted ( it happens) here’s a recording of the webinar. This limited time replay will be accessible until Wednesday February 14th. Do watch NOW so you can start feeling some of my WalkActive benefits.

And if you did join me watch again as I know I shared a lot of really useful tips. You can do it too!  The links to all the resources in the WalkActive App are below. If you are not a member on the WalkActive App – you can join today. Click the link below, subscribe and you are ready to go! And remember you can feedback to me directly with your efforts in our private community n the WalkActive App.

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NOW LET’S PUT IT INTO PRACTICE: Here are the links to the WalkActive App resources to help you.
#1 Accelerators

Explore your accelerators with: Rev Up your Technique Audio Coaching. Your accelerators are your natural gear box to improve pace. I’m your WalkActive Coach helping you walk fitter.

Rev up your Technique Audio
#2 Lengthen Core

Improve your hip lifts, stride and hip stability with Flat Core Walk Strong. A 5 day Challenge with at home mobility, posture & strength focused exercises to help you walk fitter and faster – this is so super effective.

Day 1: Flat Core Walk Strong
#3 Optimum Walking Pace

Explore your Optimum Walking Pace with this Walk to the Beat Audio Coaching Session : Fitter + Further + Faster. Remember this does not have to be perfect to you enjoy success with great WalkActive technique.

Fitter + Further Faster Audio
WalkActive App : Download, Subscribe + start today. 7 day all access trial