WalkActive Club

Engage + Connect + Thrive

Make WalkActive Social.

Whether learning WalkActive on our foundation programme Get Started with WalkActive or getting great fitness results on Stroll to Stride 5 km, share your learning and enjoy WalkActive together & start your own local WalkActive Club.  Arrange your own meets up to enjoy WalkActive together, discuss your progress, motivate each other and share experiences. You’ll enjoy your learning and achievements more when making memories with a friend or a group. Walking with someone else will not only help you stay accountable but will give you someone to practice your WalkActive with!


Share your successes

Remember you are not alone..when enrolled on WalkActive programmes, you’ll be supported with access to the Live Coaching sessions with Joanna as well as connected with fellow WalkActivists on the programmes through our Forum & private WalkActivist Facebook Group.

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