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Joanna Hall is your WalkActive Coach

Improve Pace + Posture + Walking Technique.

Learn WalkActive + Get Fit + exclusive Live Coaching with Joanna

Come On…Let’s get you started..

Go to my WalkActive dashboard
Say Hello to WalkActive Community
  • Familiarise yourself with your WalkActive dashboard.
    Log in to access all your WalkActive programme resources at

  • You’ll find…
    Learn Get Started with WalkActive + Stroll to Stride 5 km + Live Coaching Dates

  • Get Started with the first few lessons in Get Started with WalkActive.
    I’ll be covering WalkActive Technique in my first Live Coaching so if you can practice some of these lessons pre my first Live Coaching on March 7th I’ll be able to give your direct feedback on your progress and join the dots on your learning.

  • Introduce yourself to fellow participants in the private learning WalkActive Community.
    Find support and motivation. Love to hear from you and what you’d like to achieve with WalkActive.

Live Coaching Dates:

6 x Live Coaching Dates via Zoom:

  • Monday 7th March @ 12.30 pm
  • Monday 14th March @12.30 pm
  • Monday 21st March @ 12.30 pm
  • Monday 28th March @ 12.30 pm
  • Monday 4th April @ 12.30 pm
  • Monday 11th April @ 12.30 pm.

You’ll find all the dates, links & Live Coaching themes on your WalkActive dashboard. Remember all these Live Sessions are recorded and will be available from your dashboard

I’m excited to be your WalkActive Coach to help you get fit with WalkActive & I hope you are too! Thank you so much for being part of this programme.
I’ll see you very soon!

Joanna Hall
MSc Sports Science
Creator & Founder WalkActive.

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