Thank you so much for coming to

Introductory WalkActive Workshop to walk better

This exclusive video is a thank you from me to you for your WalkActive efforts at our WalkActive Workshop….I’ve loved hearing how the WalkActive technique I taught you helped you walk better in the short time that we shared together. I’d love for you to continue the benefits so I’m sharing this with you to support your intentions. Enjoy!


In this video – I share 3 simple, quick and easy WalkActive exercises to help you get more from your walks. Try them before or during your walks and I promise you’ll feel the benefits.
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WalkActive more effective than Power Walking

This is Andrea’s story…

A committed Power Walker – until she learnt WalkActive. With WalkActive Andrea is walking

  • faster
  • pain free
  • further

WalkActive helps you walk pain free:

WalkActivists share their stories….

Learning WalkActive has helped eased many conditions, & brought the joy back to walking incl:

  • joint pain
  • anxiety and depression
  • balance

WalkActive improved my posture phenominally

This is Fran’s story:

Already a walker for fitness, in just 2 days Fran enjoyed better posture than 16 weeks of Pilates. Improving

  • posture
  • walking technique
  • slumped waistline.



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