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How to Walk Better Webinar

I have just wrapped up The How to Walk Better Webinar and it was just a joy to present to you. There was so much engagement and great comments on the chat.

If you joined me live THANK YOU for taking the time to hop on and join in the experience and learnings.

If you missed us or got distracted ( it happens) here’s a recording of the webinar. This limited time replay will be accessible until Monday February 5th. Do watch NOW so you can start feeling some of my WalkActive benefits.

And if you did join me watch again as I know I shared a lot of really useful tips as well as announcing my  Get Started with WalkActive Programme: My Fundamentals WalkActive Programme in the WalkActive App. It is THE place to start your WalkActive journey.

I’ll be your personal WalkActive Coach to : Learn the WalkActive Technique + Improve your posture + Make every step effective for health & fitness + join my Weekly Live Stream Posture + Pace Classes + Bonus Audio Coaching Series + all future webinar Live Coaching sessions with my compliments.

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If you found my webinar useful and felt the benefits as I introduced you to some of the WalkActive techniques, I’d love to be your personal WalkActive Coach in the WalkActive App. Learn WalkActive with my 12 day Fundamentals Programme:

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