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Stroll to Stride 5k

Get fit all through walking. A 6 week app based audio coaching programme to walk 5 km with

  • good pace +
  • better posture +
  • great technique  +

Optimise your walking for health & fitness: 

A guided programme + Live Coaching (via zoom) with Joanna Hall, Creator & Founder WalkActive  to catapult your results + motivation.

  • Progress at your pace
  • Complete the sessions to suit you
  • Supportive learning environment.
  • Easy + fun to follow
  • Scientifically verified results based programme
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I did the Couch to 5K running thing last year but found it a real chore… following the Stroll to Stride 5K programme has been a delight. I have found that I am walking faster, my body is toning up and after each session I feel my spirits lifted.

Tessa Broad

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