4 Secrets to Walk Fitter + Trimmer + Healthier Webinar. 

 January 31st 11.15 am

A FREE advanced masterclass with Joanna Hall, the Creator & Founder WalkActive, 

TV & Fitness Expert for Daily Mail + The Telegraph. 

Scientifically verified to help you walk to look + feel + perform better whatever your age, fitness level or goals. 

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Walk yourself Fit with WalkActive 8 Week Programme

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In this FREE masterclass with Joanna Hall, the Creator & Founder WalkActive, You’ll discover:

  • The #1 mistake people make that stops you optimising important health + fitness + mental wellbeing benefits.
  • Why pulling in your tummy as you walk is the worst thing to do for muscle tone + shape change + fitness goals.
  • The secrets to walk pain free for back + knees + hips
  • The scientifically proven way to walk happier
  • You’ll leave feeling confident & excited about how to makeover your walk to look + feel + perform better whatever your age, fitness level or goals.

Can’t make it in person? Book your free virtual place on this masterclass with Joanna as it is streamed live from Little Hadham Village Hall:

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“WalkActive improved my health”:

This is Joyce & Anita’s story

Learning WalkActive has helped eased many conditions, & brought the joy back to walking incl:

  • lower cholesterol
  • feel happier
  • boost physical confidence

WalkActive helps you walk younger & fitter

Here’s Kevin’s Story

Working hard with long hours at his desk, meant Kevin had lost his fitness & focus. With WalkActive Kevin

  • lost weight
  • improved fitness
  • felt younger

“WalkActive improved my posture phenomenally”

This is Fran’s story:

Already a walker for fitness, in just 2 days Fran enjoyed better posture than 16 weeks of Pilates. Improving

  • posture
  • walking technique
  • slumped waistline.

WalkActive helps recovery from knee surgery.

This is retired GP Anne Marie’s story…

WalkActive helped Anne Marie recover from knee surgery and poor alignment to feel more positive

  • improved alignment
  • successful recovery
  • reclaimed confidence + mobility

“WalkActive more effective than Power Walking”

This is Andrea’s story…

A committed Power Walker – until she learnt WalkActive. With WalkActive Andrea is walking

  • faster
  • pain free
  • further

WalkActive improves balance + physical confidence

This is Jill & David’s story:

Despite arthritis, sore joints and limited foot mobility WalkActive improved

  • posture
  • balance
  • physical confidence

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5 / 5

First class seminar – probably one of the top 5 I have attended – the enthusiasm, conviction and Joanna’s sheer joie de vivre  was impossible to resist. I’m both a marathon runner and a power walker and can’t quite believe how much I learned today in this free session! So very impressed. I’m really excited to learn WalkActive. Hilary G

5 / 5

I really enjoyed today’s session. Joanna’s enthusiasm for this technique shone through and was very motivating. Her style is friendly and encouraging and I would imagine the teaching on the courses would reflect this. I particularly like the little tips that helped you visualise and remember what you needed to do. Thank you for today Joanna. G Peldon

5 / 5

I just love when I give myself the gift of returning to one of Joanna’s seminars. It reminds me of just how good she is at conveying how simply following her techniques will improve my well being and my fitness after what for me has been a period of inactivity through surgery. Thoroughly recommend this session. Caroline A

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