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The WalkActive System is the most effective way to walk fitter, trimmer, healthier and happier and the Get Started with WalkActive Programme is our foundation programme and the place to begin.

Educational + Effective + Enjoyable.

Master the fundamental building blocks of the WalkActive System to improve your technique, health and enjoyment of walking. Learn the WalkActive Technique, improve your walking & posture fast. Start, learn & progress at your convenience. Packed with content, effective easy to follow drills and comprehensive feedback.

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   Get Started with WalkActive is the WalkActive Foundation programme and the place to begin feeling the WalkActive benefits.
   In this programme you’ll
  • Learn the building blocks to the whole WalkActive system for health, fitness and wellbeing benefits.
  • Improve your walking technique
  • Boost your posture
  • Reduce joint discomfort
  • Increase daily physical activity levels

A self paced programme. Packed with content, effective easy to follow drills and feedback to learn the Basic WalkActive Technique, improve your walking & posture. Joanna Hall, The Creator & Founder is your WalkActive Coach.

Start Today
  • Flexible start date and progress options to suit you.
  • 7 x video lessons you can complete at your pace.

  • 7 x feedback videos to support your learning.

  • Comprehensive educational resources, walking tasks & feedback videos
  • Audio coaching download to consolidate your efforts
  • Pre programme planning resources to help you get organised and optimise your results.

  • Access to private learning community for motivation & support.

  • 12 month access to the programme.


“I didn’t know how challenging it would be to learn to walk in a different way but it was so worthwhile. I can feel the benefit in my daily walks already. The programme is very well structured, Joanna’s videos are really clear and full of useful tips, and her feedback is supportive and encouraging.”


Frequently asked questions:

Each of the 7 lessons on Get Started with WalkActive involves a daily walking task with a specific focus. I’ll ask you to practice this in 3 bouts of 10 minutes. These bite size focused sessions are more manageable plus best way to fast track your learning.

Yes! you can start straight away. As soon as you enrol your first lesson will be available for you to commence. You can progress through the programme at a pace to suit you. As you complete each lesson you’ll have access to pre recorded video feedback from Joanna to help support your learning and efforts.

WalkActive is for anyone and everyone. Get Started with WalkActive is our foundation course and the focus is on learning the WalkActive basic Technique. So whether you are a complete non exerciser looking for motivation and a supportive programme to get you started or a seasoned distance walker or fit power walker looking to improve technique, the GSWA programme is designed to be effective, educational and enjoyable, so you get results. The minimum length of walking task is 10 minutes. Once you have learnt the WalkActive basics on GSWA – you can progress your fitness with Stroll to Stride 5 km.

No problem, Get Started with WalkActive is a self paced programme – you can start immediately and progress your way through the 7 lessons at a pace that suits you. Once you have completed each respective lesson your next lesson becomes available. Plus you’ll find a feedback video based on our previous participants progress to help your learning and results.

You have access to the programme for 12 months from enrolling in your Get Started with WalkActive Programme
Not at all, all your materials you need are on your personal programme dash board. If you can log into a web site, and type your feedback, you have all the technology skills you need!

No, you can learn WalkActive wherever you are in the world. In fact we have had participants from across the globe including Argentina, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Europe. You can access them at any time by logging onto your dashboard at your convenience.

All your learning resources will be on your personal dashboard. Easily accessible, and available at any time for the duration of the respective programme. When you enrol on the Get Started with WalkActive programme you’ll have your own dashboard which gives you automatic access to your selected WalkActive programme. As you progress and complete more of the WalkActive programmes you’ll be able to see them neatly organised on your personal dashboard. Just remember you need to be logged into your dashboard to access your learning resources.

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