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Get Fit all through walking with

Joanna Hall TV & Fitness Expert for Daily Mail & The Telegraph Founder of WalkActive.

An 8 week programme to Walk 5 k with great pace + posture + technique.  Improve your fitness + stamina + pace.

Weeks 1 – 2 commencing Dec 1st and Weeks 3 – 8 commencing January 9th 2023

Free to participants in the Stort Valley & Villages Primary Care Network.

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How Walk Fit with WalkActive will help you..

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✅ get cardio fit without jarring your joints or gym membership

✅ increase walking pace +

✅ enjoy better posture +

✅ improve walking technique  +

✅ optimise your walking for health & fitness

Joanna Hall is your WalkActive Coach to catapult your results + motivation.

👣 WalkActive Trainer in your ear with the WalkActive App

👣 Complete at your pace

👣 Receive feedback on your progress

👣 Join weekly Walking sessions for fun, accountability and optimise your results.

👣 Supportive private learning community for ongoing confidence & results


Walk 5 km with good pace + better posture + improved technique. Joanna is your personal WalkActive Coach on this 8 week App + Weekly Walking  Programme.

I did the Couch to 5K running thing last year but found it a real chore… following the Walk Fit with WalkActive programme has been a delight. I have found that I am walking faster, my body is toning up and after each session I feel my spirits lifted.

Tessa Broad

Walk Fit with WalkActive helps anyone get fitter + healthier + trimmer all through walking; using the scientifically verified WalkActive System, without jarring your joints or spending hours exercising every single day. 
Walk Fit with WalkActive : walk 5 km in under 50 minutes with good technique + pace + posture. This is a progressive 8 week fitness walking programme. Delivered in two easy to follow sections:
Part 1: Starts Dec 1st 2022 : Learn the WalkActive technique + improve your posture FAST with daily 10 minute walking tasks.
Part 2: Starts Jan 9th 2023: Walk yourself fit with music based audio coaching to improve your walking speed & cardiovascular fitness over 5 km. Each week the music audio coaching sessions progress to help you walk at the right pace and with good technique.
Receive week by week guided progress + join weekly in person walking sessions to keep you on track and optimise your results.

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Join Joanna via zoom on Thursday December 1st at 12.30 pm as she personally introduces you to the Walk Fit with WalkActive before officially commencing on December 2nd.

She'll talk you through:

  • what to expect,

  • how best to get organised,

  • answer your questions,

  • optimise your time so you feel the results fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

No, you don't need to have completed any previous WalkActive courses, I'll be teaching you WalkActive with the walking task and audio coaching sessions plus I'll be on hand each week to give you personal feedback to optimise your results.

This 8 week programme is split into two sections;

Section 1 starts Dec 1st - there will be 4 feedback sessions one in person and 3 on zoom.

Section 2 Starts January 9th, join weekly  in person feedback and walking sessions at Little Hadham Village Hall on Thursday afternoon.

Yes - you'll learn the WalkActive technique and improve your fitness, posture and walking pace on this programme, to boost your cardiovascular stamina. You'll walk better, look better and carry on feeling the benefits after the programme has finished.

This programme is suitable for both individuals new to WalkActive as well as regular walkers who wish to see results from their walking. You should be able to walk for a continuous 10 minutes to commence this programme. You'll also get immediate improvements in your walking technique so you look + feel + perform better all through walking with WalkActive.

No problem, all the audio coaching  is available on your WalkActive App and a number of the live zoom sessions will be recorded and uploaded on to your app  so you can catch up at your convenience and as many times as you wish.

You'll find all your joining info in your WalkActive App once enrolled on the programme plus Joanna will be giving a pre course On Boarding call to help you get set up. But a pair of trainers, outdoor walking comfortable wear with a hat in case it rains.

This is a one purchase lifetime access. As long as you have the WalkActive App you will have access to the programme. The WalkActive App is the home for my WalkActive System - so you'll LEARN + TRAIN + THRIVE through all my programmes.

The sessions on this programme are taught in person at Little Hadham Hall and through zoom live coaching, all the audio coaching educational video and weekly tasks are on your WalkActive app - we'll send you links to follow so you can easily download the WalkActive App and access your programme materials.

Yes. All the links for your workouts will be on the app. Once enrolled we will e mail you with information on how to access your WalkActiveApp. You don't have to be super techie to follow this programme and remember we'll be on hand to help you each week and always at the end of an e mail if you get stuck! Remember the WalkActive App is available across all devices, PC, laptop, tablet as well as smartphone. Plus you can also link your app to your TV screen so you have easy viewing.  You can access the WalkActive App online at https://get-walkactive.passion.io/

and log in with your same password and username as on your smartphone.

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The Telegraph
WalkActive helps recovery from knee surgery.

This is retired GP Anne Marie's story...

WalkActive helped Anne Marie recover from knee surgery and poor alignment to feel more positive

  • improved alignment
  • successful recovery
  • reclaimed confidence + mobility

WalkActive helps you walk younger & fitter

Here's Kevin's Story

Working hard with long hours at his desk, meant Kevin had lost his fitness & focus. With WalkActive Kevin

  • lost weight
  • improved fitness
  • felt younger

WalkActive improves balance + physical confidence

This is Jill & David's story:

Despite arthritis, sore joints and limited foot mobility WalkActive improved

  • posture
  • balance
  • physical confidence

"WalkActive more effective than Power Walking"

This is Andrea's story...

A committed Power Walker - until she learnt WalkActive. With WalkActive Andrea is walking

  • faster
  • pain free
  • further

"WalkActive improved my health":

This is Joyce & Anita's story

Learning WalkActive has helped eased many conditions, & brought the joy back to walking incl:

  • lower cholesterol
  • feel happier
  • boost physical confidence

"WalkActive improved my posture phenomenally"

This is Fran's story:

Already a walker for fitness, in just 2 days Fran enjoyed better posture than 16 weeks of Pilates. Improving

  • posture
  • walking technique
  • slumped waistline.

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