Ever found yourself in the situation when you set out with good intentions for the week, but then before you know it – each day seems to have gathered a momentum and Friday evening is racing to you at force of knots. Meanwhile exercise has not even had a moment to featured on your radar, and those good intentions have been left way back on the start line.

Barriers to taking more physical activity come in all shapes and sizes: lack of motivation, work deadlines, family commitments, weather not too fab, don’t have the right kit, not enough time or just plain old don’t really enjoy it! We all know investing in more physical activity is an essential tool for our mental and physical wellbeing, but still barriers can be hard to bash down.
Barriers to taking more physical activity come in all shapes and sizes… don’t be afraid to bash them down.

Whatever the barrier, in my experience I find many people put off squeezing in more exercise in the week and instead wait until the weekend, misguidedly thinking that making more time for it a the weekend can make up for the lack of WalkActive during the week. This is a HUGE NO NO – and directly impacts your personal health.

Does any of this resonate with you?

I totally appreciate there is a logic. However this is quite simply false economy for mind, body and soul and unfortunately, this logic does nothing for our physical or mental wellbeing. Taking physical exercise needs to be on our radar daily – yes daily! Walking and WalkActive is one of the simplest and most effective ways to optimise your daily investment. With the corona pandemic this investing in our health and exercise is more important than ever.

I’ve got lots of thoughts on barriers and how to break them down but in the meantime let me introduce you WalkActive Wednesday – a little concept to help bridge or get you over that mid week hurdle.

WalkActive Wednesday is my mid week WalkActive Challenge – simply commit to walk 1, 3 or 5 km mid week – your choice. Walking 1 km will take approximately 10 minutes subject to you WalkActive walk pace of choice : Posture Pace, Health Pace or your Optimum Walking Pace – look out for subsequent post on this and I’ll teach you how to master this in my Learn WalkActive Pace & Fitness Programme

Having a focus can be a really good target for ongoing motivation. Yes I call it WalkActive Wednesday but hey – if you complete it on a Tuesday or a Thursday that is just fab – the point to this – it gives you a focused mid week WalkActive session that has a distinct start and end, thus building your sense of achievement, grooving habits that WalkActive is part of your life plus you can post your pic and connect with like minded WalkActivists on my social media facebook page: The Official Joanna Hall WalkActive

So what do you think – are you up to take this weekly challenge for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts and share your pics with the rest of the WalkActivist community. Together we are stronger. Global Greetings Beautiful People and Happy Hip Lifts with this weekly challenge.