Joanna Hall’s Walk Your Waist Off DVD


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WalkActive is scientifically verified* to:

  • Enhance your posture
  • Improve your body shape
  • Reduce joint stress
  • Improve body shape

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Walk your Waist Off DVD

Progress your WalkActive to improve core, waistline and streamline your body.

Progress your WalkActive with Walk your Waist Off, an educational DVD specificlaly focused on the core, building on from the Introduction to WalkActive DVD.

In this DVD learn:

  • WalkActive Ab J – Joanna’s No. 1 no neck pain, flat ab exercise.
  • Progressive flat abdominal exercises suitable for all levels PLUS How to integrate Ab Walking into your WalkActive walks.
  • Split into sections:
    • Stop Common Ab Errors
    • Get tangible results with Joanna’s Ab J sequence
    • Fast track your progress with user friendly Flat ab drills
    • Take inches off your waist as you walk with Ab Walking.

“I’m delighted to be personally sharing with you my Walk your Waist off DVD specifically designed to help use WalkActive to whittle your waist, taper your torso & manage your middle. I get to share with you my Abdominal J exercises – my number 1 all time best ab toning workout. Perfect for everyone to help you significantly change your waist line plus easy to follow drills for both men and women that fit with your lifestyle and deliver results – whether you are a regular exerciser, walker or starting out on your road to improving your health. I share with you simple quick and effective core exercises that you can do anywhere plus help you get more from your Ab J’s! Plus I’ll be introducing you to Ab Walking so you can specifically target your waistline as you walk taking inches off your midriff, to help you see a change your waist line as you walk. Your waistline will feel trimmer, tauter, flatter”

WalkActive it’s all about the technique.

What WalkActive can do for your body:

WalkActive is scientifically verified* to:

  • Enhance your posture
  • Improve your body shape
  • Reduce joint stress
  • Improve body shape

*Research conducted at Sports & Exercise Science & Nutrition Research Centre London South Bank University 2015.

  • Cosmetically – using my Intelligent Exercise Approach, WalkActive works the body from the inside out lengthening & streamlining, significantly transforming body shape without vigorous “no pain no gain” workouts.
  • Functionally – learn to move pain free. Knees, back, hip & neck discomfort is significantly improved, future safeguarding joints.
  • Posturally – body awareness increases & your movement quality improves, creating more youthful agile movement quality.

“The WalkActive Ab J workout are the most effective abdominal exercises I have ever done.” The Telegraph

Read other client testimonials at Joanna Hall WalkActive You Tube


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