• WalkActive Wellness Journal

    Give the gift of Wellness. Gift yourself - gift a loved one.

    Last few copies! HurryThe 120-page limited edition WalkActive Wellness Journal helps you achieve tangible improvements to look + feel + perform better all through walking.

    ✅ Find evidence-based tips to make every step effective

    ✅ Set goals that are meaningful to you, your body, mind + spirit.

    ✅ Plan monthly focuses that support your health fitness and wellbeing and fit with your life.

    ✅ Track and record your progress

    ✅ Enjoy sustainable momentum with weekly check ins and monthly preview and review sections.

    And, of course, you can connect with me as I’ll be sharing my expertise and using the journal to help support your WalkActive efforts. Realise your goals in the WalkActive App with our new 30-day plans to walk fitter, healthier + happier.

  • WalkActive is scientifically verified* to:
    • Enhance your posture
    • Improve your body shape
    • Reduce joint stress
    • Improve body shape
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    Joanna Hall's WalkActive Book Joanna Hall's WalkActive Book
    Joanna Hall's WalkActive Book:The simple yet revolutionary way to transform your body for life.This is the foundation text to learn the scientifically verified WalkActive System to help you walk fitter + healthier + happier and supports the WalkActive App to help you walk fitter, healthier + happier.This book is currently available to buy via AMAZON  as we are SOLD OUT here. Apologies but please do check back soon. 


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