The WalkActive System is the most effective way to walk fitter, trimmer, healthier and happier.

WalkActive transforms your walking: walk smoother, faster, further for physical fitness, shape change and mental wellbeing. Scientifically verified to help you walk better for health + fitness + mental wellbeing.

   Get Started with WalkActive is the WalkActive Foundation programme and the place to begin feeling the WalkActive benefits.
   In this programme you’ll
  • Learn the building blocks to the whole WalkActive system for health, fitness and wellbeing benefits.
  • Improve your walking technique
  • Boost your posture
  • Reduce joint discomfort
  • Increase daily physical activity levels

Stroll To Stride 5k is a progressive 6 week audio coaching training programme to improve your walking speed & cardiovascular fitness over 5 km. With audio coaching sessions, weekly tasks and daily goals.

Walk yourself fit and in shape with WalkActive Stroll to Stride 5 km, the first follow on programme from Get Started with WalkActive. Part of the ACHIEVE series to boost your cardiovascular fitness and body shape with results driven, evidence based programmes that get you results using the WalkActive technique in an encouraging, enjoyable & sustainable way.

S2S5k will help you walk 5 km in under 50 minutes with good technique + pace + posture.

Find out more: Get Started with WalkActive
Find out More: Stroll to Stride 5k


Your personal WalkActive Coach in your pocket

Walk Fitter + Healthier + Trimmer + Happier with the WalkActive App.

All WalkActive Programmes are designed to work on any mobile device, laptop or desktop computer. You can take WalkActive with you on the go, on your mobile phone or tablet, or work through the techniques on your computer before taking what you’ve learned out with you on your walk.

We want your WalkActive experience to be effective, enjoyable and educational so lessons on your WalkActive Programmes are delivered using videos, audio coaching podcasts, with clear comprehensive instructions via an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface which you can take with you on the go!


Track your progress + get community support with fellow participants + access to exclusive Live Coaching sessions with Joanna, your WalkActive Coach as she shares her expertise for motivation + optimise + progress your walking efforts.

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WalkActive App: Access across all devices

WalkActive Programmes

WalkActive Retreat


Learn the fundamental building blocks to transform your walking. Improve your technique, posture, pace + tone.

Start today with the Get Started with WalkActive 12 day programme in the WalkActive App

Get Started with WalkActive
Joanna Walking


Progress with WalkActive :Results driven for fitness, body shape + mental wellbeing. Running not for you? Walk yourself fit without jarring your joints.

Start Stroll to Stride 5k in the WalkActive App.

Stroll to Stride 5k


Connect, Engage and Enjoy: Track your progress + Live Coaching + supportive community. Join weekly WalkActive Live Stream Classes, Follow music based audio coaching workouts + get expert feedback in your efforts. Start today.

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