What is brisk walking and how can you check you are walking at a brisk enough pace to incur these amazing physiological benefits for health, fitness, weight loss & shape change.?

There are so many benefits of regular walking, it’s provides numerous health benefits. According to recent research from University of Leicester cited in International Journal of Obesity 2021, slow walkers were

  • 4 X more likely to die of Covid 19 than fast walkers
  • 2 X risk of contracting a severe version of the virus

In this video I share three simple ways to help you check you are walking at a brisk enough pace to help you optimise your walking efforts. As the WalkActive Coach and Creator & Founder of WalkActive, I’m passionate about helping people get more from their walking efforts whether you are walking for physical, mental or cognitive wellbeing, look, feel and perform better with every step you take.

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